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Meals that Increase the Immune System? The four Best Vitamin Myths

Our immune system is constructed to struggle viruses, micro organism, and fungi, which might trigger infections. A robust immune system is vital to maintain us from getting sick. However does taking vitamin C dietary supplements as a preventative measure actually make a distinction? 

We take a detailed take a look at four widespread myths: 

Fable #1: “Vitamin C protects us from the widespread chilly” 

Getting sufficient vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is vital for protecting our immune system in preventing type. The Mayo Clinic recommends 65 to 90 mg per day. 

Meals wealthy in vitamin C are: 

Bell peppers (140 mg per 100 g)
Brussels sprouts (110 mg per 100 g)
Broccoli (95 mg per 100 g)
Citrus fruit (50 mg per 100 g)

We regularly learn that rising the consumption of vitamin C throughout chilly season can defend us. This has truly not been scientifically confirmed. Nevertheless, taking >200 mg can shorten the period of a chilly.(1) However you don’t need to take dietary supplements to devour this quantity. A nutritious diet wealthy in fruit and veggies will present a enough quantity. Since vitamin C is water soluble, greens and fruits ought to be washed completely, however rapidly, and veggies ought to be gently steamed to keep away from dropping their dietary worth.


For a very long time, folks believed that if endurance athletes like marathon runners took vitamin C preventatively, it might help restoration and maintain them from getting sick. This has since been disproven. Dietary supplements with excessive doses of vitamin C ought to solely be taken with warning and even averted earlier than a race,(2) as a result of it may well have a harmful impact on muscle endurance. 

Fable #2: “Cow’s milk causes mucus manufacturing” 

Many individuals don’t drink cow’s milk once they have a chilly, cough, or sore throat, as a result of they consider that it will increase mucus manufacturing and slows the therapeutic course of. Is that true? In actual fact, there is no such thing as a scientific proof of this. 

An Australian research checked out two teams: one drank cow’s milk and the opposite drank soy milk.(three) Individuals confirmed a big enhance in three reactions: a white coating on the tongue, elevated urge to swallow, and thickened mucus, which made swallowing tough. Nevertheless, these elevated equally in each teams. The very fact is that the coating that develops within the mouth and throat comes from milk fats, which is current in each cow and soy milk. That is usually perceived as phlegm. 

You continue to wish to quit cow’s milk? We’ve compiled a listing of the greatest non-dairy milks.

Fable #three: “Honey strengthens your immune system” 

Tea with honey is a standard folks treatment for colds. However does this pure sweetener actually strengthen the immune system? Can it forestall or soothe a sore throat? An Israeli research regarded on the impact of honey on nighttime coughing and issues sleeping attributable to higher respiratory infections in a cohort of 300 youngsters (aged 1 to five). 200 of the kids got 10 g of honey earlier than mattress. The remaining 100 got a date extract as a placebo, which had the same consistency and colour. 

In keeping with statements from the mother and father, the honey appeared to enhance the signs. Coughing was lowered in each frequency and severity. Why? Honey has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic qualities. It doesn’t treatment a sore throat or strengthen the immune system, however it may well ease the signs.


Kids shouldn’t be given any honey of their first 12 months. Uncooked honey can comprise the micro organism clostridium botulinum, which might trigger toddler botulism. Any such meals poisoning might result in paralysis of respiration and swallowing muscle mass and could be deadly.

Fable #four: “Micro organism is Dangerous for Your Well being”

After we take into consideration micro organism, most of us consider ailments and infections. Our physique does carry “dangerous” micro organism, however we even have tons of wholesome micro organism residing inside us. The human intestine is residence to an infinite variety of “good” micro organism (round 1.5 kg). These microorganisms that reside within the digestive tract of people are referred to as the human microbiome or intestine flora. They play a important function in protecting us wholesome and have an effect on how sturdy our immune system is. The microbiome helps develop the intestinal barrier and immune capabilities of the intestine, that are mandatory for a wholesome immune system. A dysbiosis can result in immune problems equivalent to bronchial asthma, a number of sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Do you know…

…antibiotics could cause extreme injury to the intestinal flora? Nevertheless, the microbiome of a wholesome grownup recovers rapidly after finishing the cycle of therapy.

Wholesome intestine micro organism are important for a robust immune system. Curious how one can assist the microbiome with a nutritious diet? Meals excessive in fiber in addition to pre- and probiotics have a constructive impact on the well being of your intestine.  

These embrace:

bitter milk
fermented greens (sauerkraut, kimchi)

Repeatedly incorporate these meals into your weight loss plan to maintain your intestine completely satisfied. 

Curious what else you are able to do to assist your physique struggle infections? These seven superfoods enhance your immune system when you eat them recurrently. 


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